Heat Wave: the 10 (natural) Commandments for your feet!

Summer is definitively here and your feet are suffering from the heat! Blisters, swelling, excessive sweating… Here are our 10 commandments to keep your feet cool and beautiful!

1- Rub your feet and toes with baby powder (talc) before wearing your shoes

Your feet will remain dry, perfect to avoid blisters and bad smells!

2- Do not wear the same shoes every day

Rotate your shoes so they can dry and keep their shape.

3- Prefer breathable & adjustable shoes

Sandals, open toes, flip flops, perforated, made of organic cotton… choice is yours! The goal is to let your feet breathe! Remember your ankles/feet may swell with the heat (especially at the end of the day), prefer adjustable straps or lace-up shoes to loosen gradually your shoes during the day.

4- Wear organic cotton socks with closed shoes

If you cannot live without your sneakers, remember to wear organic cotton socks to keep your feet as dry as possible. You will avoid bacterias and fungi!

5- Rub your feet with half of a lemon

It will tan your skin and will avoid the formation of blisters.

6-Take good care of your blisters

If a blister appears, clean it with white vinegar, let it dry and put a band-aid on it. You can also put on it a green clay plaster, leave it acts and do it twice a day. The clay will soak the fluid and regenerate the skin.

7- Move!

Avoid to remain in the same position for a long time. More you move, less your fluids will stagnate. It will limit the swelling.

8- Eat more potassium-based food

To avoid feet swelling, reduce salt and sugar in your food. Limit also bread, pizza, pasta or pastries. Prefer fruits and raw vegetables, as well as parsley, avocadoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, mushrooms, tuna, chicken, porc and bananas.

9- Kill the (bad) smells

If your shoes stink, put 4 tea spoons of baking soda in each shoe when you are not wearing it to soak the smells and fight against bacterias.

10- Once a week, follow our natural feet beauty routine!

For more details, click here

Now, you are ready… enjoy summer!




Ethical shoes for Mini Heroes


No need for super powers! Your kids can also change the world by wearing shoes that make a difference! Fair Feet has selected for you ethical shoes to support your kids in their daily adventures!

Kavat – Almunge EP 


Perfect for your little ones, the Almunge EP by Kavat comes in 3 colours and goes from 19 to 26 (sizing). Made of Eco Performance upper leather, vegetable tanned lining and insole leather, the shoes are breathable, durable and comfortable.

  • Price: 75,95€
  • Ethics: Eco labeled, free from teflon, PTFE and other perfluorinated hydrocarbons.
Image source: KAVAT




The Fresca flats are the perfect fit for active girls! The adjustable ankle strap and padded collar bring good support and comfort. Easily matchable with every “super girl” outfits!

  • Price: 42 USD ( around 37€)
  • Ethics: CPSIA-certified lead-free leather, Livie & Luca donates 10% of net proceeds to non-profits supporting children’s development and well-being.
Image source: Livie & Luca




These Chukka shoes are hand-crafted and made of Up-cycled Denim. The clean design and the subtle colour make it perfect for boys and girls!

  • Price: 48 USD (around 43€)
  • Ethics:  hand-crafted by skilled cobblers in small quantities, up-cycled Denim, chemical and dye free.
Image source: Mikoleon


Mim Pi – MIM 568


Made of leather, these sneakers are everything a mini hero would want: shine, style and support! For everyday use or special missions!

  • Price:  109,95 €
  • Ethics: sustainable production process, good working conditions, handmade, member of Made-By (an organisation that ensures good working conditions for workers abroad).
Image source: Mim Pi


Make our feet great again: natural beauty routine for happy feet!

Summer is getting closer and your open toe shoes are already in the starting blocks! Time has come for pampering your feet with a beauty routine made of cheap and natural ingredients: salt, olive oil, baking soda and lemon!

1- Foot bath


To fight against callus formation, prepare a basin of warm water in which you add a handful of sea salt and a big cup of organic cider vinegar. Let your feet soak in the basin for 20 minutes and then, rub them with a pumice stone.


2- Moisturizing treatment


Massage your feet with a mixture made of 2 spoons of table salt and 2 spoons of olive oil. Rince with water!


3- Nails care


If you want your nails to be whiter and stronger, mix the juice of a lemon with a spoon of baking soda. Let your nails soak in this mixture for 5 minutes, dry and massage them with a drop of olive oil.

To avoid fungus attacks during the summer: make sure your toe nails are not too long, do not let your nail polish for a long period on your toes as they also need to breathe!


Happy summer!

In Wonder Woman shoes: Ethical Footwear to kick the Villains’Butt!

Wonder Woman movie is finally out! Let’s reveal the (super) hero that we all have inside us with a selection of ethical shoes!

Abigail – L’indépendante


The French brand ABIGAIL creates positive, comfortable and original collections. “The Independant” peep toe is no exception with its powerful yellow star made of leather!

  • Price: 179€
  • Ethics: handmade in limited editions, traditional craftsmanship, shoes delivered in a box made of recycled cardboard
image source: Abigail


Another Sole – Olympia


Olympia by Another sole are the perfect shoes for your super hero activities! Made of leather with metallic finish and a lightning motif, the model can be worn for a long time thanks to breathable sports footbed materials.

  • Price: 69.99$ (around 62€)
  • Ethics: 100% natural products, 10% of their revenue goes to the “Buy1Feed1” programme,  supporting World Vision International in Vietnam.
image source: Another Sole


PO-ZU – ResistanceResistance_Off_White_Side_web.jpg

If you picture yourself more in the shoes of a rebel, PO-ZU Star Wars collection will fit your activist expectations! The “Resistance” High-top vegan lace-up Sneakers are made of organic cotton and feature the official Rebel Alliance badge. The high-performance grip of the natural rubber sole will give you an edge in space battles!


  • Price126.12€
  • Ethics: materials come from naturally renewable sources and are responsibly harvested, no pesticides, bleaches or toxic dyes, locally sourced wherever possible,  use of organic cotton, vegan, founder of the Better Shoes Foundation, transparency, 10% of the net profit is given to charity.
image source: PO-ZU

Go Green at the Office: Ethical basics for a stylish daily look!

In order to complete your Office look, you need the right shoes: timeless, elegant, durable, breathable and easily wearable with your different outfits! Here is a selection of 4 smart ethical shoes!

Bourgeois Boheme

Easily wearable with a pair of dark jeans, a suit or a skirt, the Kate high heel shoes are elegant and timeless. Made with PVC free eco vegan suede and a latex insole for more comfort, you will be able to run all day long at the office!

  • Price: 177.60€
  • Ethics: vegan, handcrafted in Portugal, controlled factory working conditions


Image source: Bourgeois Boheme

Matt & Nat

If you prefer flat shoes, the Seek Pointy toe will meet your expectations! Made of vegan leather (PU) and a rubber sole, these flats will bring sophistication to your daily look.

  • Price: 85€
  • Ethics: vegan (no animal-based materials); use of recycled materials such as recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork; linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles, recycled bicycle tires.
Image source: Matt & Nat

Minuit sur terre

Minuit sur terre revisits here the traditionnal boots and combines timeless style with originality thanks to an interplay of materials and colours. Perfect with slim jeans or dresses/skirts!

  • Price: 140 €
  • Ethics: vegan (materials made of grain fibres, recycled polyurethane, synthetic fibres without solvents…), durable, made in Portugal.
Image source: Minuit sur terre



  • Ethics: vegan and non toxic materials, traditional craftmanship, handmade in Italy, controlled working conditions.
Image source: Noah

Happy International Recycling Day! 5 ways to recycle your shoes

After billions of steps, your favourite pair of shoes gets finally ready for retirement. The question is now “How to give a second life to them?“. Here are 5 ways to recycle your shoes.

1- Repair


Go to the nearest cobbler and check if your shoes can get resoled, if the heels can get fixed, if the zipper can get changed… in other words, if your shoes can follow you for few extra miles. Warning, resoling shoes can make then a bit stiff.

2- Recycle


Let’s face it, shoes are very tricky to recycle as they are made of varied materials as fabrics, leather, plastics, wood, metals…

If your shoes are still in good shape, donate them to Goodwill or Thrift shop so they can find a new owner.

If your shoes are a hopeless case, contact your local recycling companies and drop them in dedicated containers. Your shoes will be then transformed in varied products used for instance for house isolation or floor coverings. As an example, Nike has created a recycling programme called “Nike Reuse-a-Shoe” which turns old trainers into new apparels or surfaces like running tracks or tennis courts.

Researchers from the Innovative Manufacturing and Construction Research Centre, led by Professor Shahin Rahimifard in the UK, are currently “looking at improving recycling processes required to achieve a vision of ‘zero waste to landfill’ in the footwear sector“.


3- Reuse

How to recycle your shoes - Fair Feet

Turn your shoes into a plant pot to instantly provide a vintage vibe to your garden!

4- Return


Already mentioned in our Upcycled/recycled fashion post, few Ethical Shoe Brands offer to return your tired shoes so you can get a discount for your next purchase. In this way, the brands get involved in the entire process, from the production to the recycling – as it is the case for the US company Jack The Fifth.

5- Plant


The Dutch brand OAT created the first biodegradable sneakers and baby shoes that grow flowers and trees when you plant them in the ground. The shoes are made with natural, biodegradable materials like flax, hemp and ecological cotton. Seeds provided!

Image source: OAT



Let the music play! Ethical shoes for live music lovers

Nothing’s better than live music! For many of us, it is a unique moment, the occasion to connect with our favourite music/band/artist! Let’s celebrate 5 music styles with ethical shoe brands!

Rock with Tinnson


The engraved electric guitar, the intense colours, the quality of the materials… we completely fell in love with Tinnson’s Chelsea Boots! Inspired by rock musicians, each model is named after one of them! Original and unique, these boots will soon become one of your wardrobe essentials.


  • Price: from 280€
  • Ethics: designed in France, manufactured in Portugal by traditional craftsmen, hight quality leather from France and Italy, durability
image source: Tinnson


Electro with Hacter


Hacter revisits the classic white sneakers with their Match Point! The white leather is mixed with recycled bleached denim (from 1986) and grey leather. The clean design is perfect for an effortless electro style!

  • Price: 149 €
  • Ethics: designed in France, manufactured in Portugal, recycled fabrics, transparency
image source: Hacter


Pop with Victoria


Let it shine! With the Victoria sneakers on, you won’t go unnoticed! The pink glitters combined with a mirror effect material will make your night sparkle for a complete pop experience!

  • Price: 69€
  • Ethics: made in Spain, traditional manufacturing, non toxic & recyclable materials, good working conditions, natural rubber sole, vegan
image source: Victoria


Soul/R&B with Beyond Skin


If you want to adopt Janelle Monae’s style, the Gaia Heels by Beyond Skin will be the perfect fit! Made of blue and cream faux leather, the model combines elegance and a nice retro vibe!

  • Price: 165€
  • Ethics: PETA approved vegan, handmade in Spain,  100% recycled lining material
image source: Beyond Skin

World music with Panafrica

basket-bamako-wax-cuir-rouge (1).jpg

The BAMAKO sneakers are made of African Wax fabric. The traditional pattern is associated with a clean design for a colourful and smart casual style!

  • Price: 85€
  • Ethics: responsible supply chain, good working conditions, traditional manufacturing, 10% of the benefits dedicated to the project Walk For School)
image source: Panafrica


Ethical Footwear for Greener Sport Practices

Wether for exercising or just for fun, sports enable us to let go, to escape our daily lives, to get connected to our bodies and environments. In order to perform and push further our bodies, we need to be comfortable and trust what we wear. Let’s discover 4 ethical sports brands : Newton, Lululemon,  Snipe & Verkor.

Run with Newton

fuhr-at-xterra-run1 credit nils nilsen

Newton not only produces technical and colorful running shoes, they also help you out in improving your performances by providing run techniques. Check their Youtube channel!


  • Price: from 100$ (about 91€)
  • Ethics: B corp status (rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability & transparency), charity (soles4souls, Trickle up, One world running)
Image source: Newton

Do Yoga & Pilates with Lululemon


If you are not part of the lucky ones who perform Yoga & Pilates in warm environments, your toes may get cold! Lululemon created perfect socks which enable your feet to remain cool/dry without slipping down thanks to a Y shaped heel.

  • Price: from 12€
  • Ethics: responsible supply chain, vendors code of ethics, assessment process, community partnerships, commitment towards the protection of the environment/human rights & working conditions.
Image source: Lululemon


Sail with Snipe


The sun is out, the sea is calm… put on Snipe shoes and jump on a boat! Produced traditionally in Spain, the brand uses durable materials to make the pleasure last!


  • Price: from 71.95€
  • Ethics: responsible production process, use of natural and recycled materials, traditional craft
Image source: Snipe


Skate with Verkor


Not only light, flexible and comfortable, Verkor shoes are durable and approved by skaters ! The clean design makes it easy to wear… even without a skate board!


  • Price: from 87€
  • Ethics: local production (made in France), responsible supply chain
Image source: Verkor


Flower power shoes, let’s embrace spring with style & ethics!

After a long winter, the sun is finally out. Let flowers blossom in your wardrobe and celebrate nature with ethical shoes!

Beyond Skin – Floral India Sandals

bs-261If you can handle 9cm high heels, the Floral India Sandals are easily wearable day and night thanks to an adjustable ankle strap for more comfort. The linings are 100% recycled with a vegetable polymer coating and the upper is made of a durable polyester mix.

  • Price: 195€
  • Ethics: PETA approved vegan, 100% recycled lining, handmade in Spain.
Image source: Beyond Skin


Charlie Butler – Daisy


You’d rather go with flats? From day 1, we have been in love with Charlie Butler’s Hue Collection! Very light (500 grams a pair), flexible and made of vegan leather, the daisy shoes are perfect for a casual and adorable look!

  • Price: 99$ (around 68€)
  • Ethics: 100% vegan, handmade in Indonesia, durable stitched and cemented construction, so the shoes will last a long time.
Image source: Charlie Butler

TOMS – Pink Graphic Floral Print Women’s Stella Peep Toe Wedges


If you want to gain height without struggling with heels, wedges are the right fit!
The Stella Peep Toe Wedges are made of perforated mocrofiber lining and rafia wedge, perfect for any occasion!
  • Price: 64,95€
  • Ethics: vegan, with every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need (One for One®)
Image source: TOMS

Twins for Peace – Boubou Isolda Flowers


The Boubou Isolda Flowers sneakers are a collaboration between the french shoe brand Twins for Peace and the colourful brazilian fashion brand Isolda. The sneakers are made of printed fabric satin, leather and natural rubber.

  • Price: 75€
  • Ethics: with every pair of shoes you purchase, Twins for Peace will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need (Shoe Project)
Image source: Twins for peace

Festival season: ethical shoes for a green style!

Festival season has finally started, you may wonder what shoes to wear within these festive outdoor environments? You are gonna walk/dance/stand a lot. Consequently, the best festival shoes are flat, covered (you don’t want your toes to be crushed by the crowd), comfortable, breathable and… easily washable! Here is a selection of ethical shoes that will fit your expectations!

Ethletic – Fair Deck


The Ethletic Fair Deck is a flat slip-on shoe made from Fairtrade certified organic cotton and natural rubber soles. Easy to wear, Breathable & Comfortable!

  • Price: 64,90€
  • Ethics: 100% vegan, 100% organic Fairtrade Certified Cotton, FSC certified natural rubber.
Image source: Ethletic




The Faguo Aspen Lace trainers are made of  leather, cotton and rubber. Easy to match with any style thanks to a clean design. Cherry on the cake: lace up shoes enable a better foot support for more comfort.

  • Price: 120€
  • Ethics: carbon emissions compensation “for each FAGUO product, a tree is planted in France“, labour laws and European quality standards ensured.
Image source: Faguo


Matt & Nat- Lane (Olive)


Let’s face it, mud is a permanent guest at festivals… Get ready for it with Matt&Nat Chelsea rubber boots, made of 100% Rubber! Comfortable and washable!

  • Price: 98€
  • Ethics: vegan, transparency
Image source: Matt & Nat


Aigle – Chantebelle


Handmade in France, Chantebelle rubber boots by Aigle combine style, durability, tradition and comfort! Perfect for a rainy/muddy day wherever you are: at a festival or back in the city!

  • Price: 80€
  • Ethics: vegan, made in France, social and ecological audit, sustainable procurement policy, fair working conditions, no child labour, charity


Image source: Aigle