Is pineapple the new leather? 5 Shoe brands that nailed Piñatex

After years of research, Dr Carmen Hijosa developed a sustainable textile made of pineapple leaves’ fibres as an alternative to leather, the Piñatex.

The process is the following:

– Filipino farmers harvest the fruits (it is important to mention that no extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are required to produce Piñatex™ );

– The leaves are then transformed into textile material;

The remains of the plant are processed into biogas and organic fertilisers.

Dr Carmen Hijosa and her company Ananas Anam answer here to three major ethical concerns : 1/making the most of agriculture waste 2/generating new incomes for farmers 3/providing a new sustainable textile to the fashion industry which can be breathable/flexible/printed/stitched.

Here are 5 Brands that designed shoes made of this new material:

Camper – Concept sneakers


At the occasion of the THE PINE-APPLE SHOW in the Royal College of Art in 2014, Dr Carmen Hijosa exhibited an early prototype of Camper sneakers made out of Piñatex™ .

Image source: Ananas Anam

Gram Shoes

gram shoes

Well know for its clean design and its fabric experiments, the Swedish brand Gram Shoes designed Piñatex™ sneakers – which will be available soon on the online store.

Image source: Ananas Anam


Always looking for alternative materials to leather, the Portuguese vegan brand NAE naturally used Piñatex™ to design a wide range of footwear so you can rock your daily wardrobe : ballerinas, sandals, sneakers or boots.

Image source: NAE


Driven by strong ethical principles, Po-Zu uses naturally renewable and responsibly harvested materials. The brand produced two models made of Piñatex™ with a minimalist vibe: the ballerina Ello and the open-toe mule Wren.

Image source: Po-Zu



By combining style, minimalism and innovation, Rombaut develops a humanistic vision of the footwear industry. The brand only uses materials that are sustainably sourced to protect 
bio-diversity. The Bass pineapple sneaker is not only made of Piñatex™, it is also unisex and 100% Vegan.

Image source: Rombaut

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