Organic Cotton Shoes

For the past decade, we have seen an increasing use of organic cotton in the fashion industry. As stated by the Organic Cotton Market Report 2016, “the gap between companies that are leading on sustainability and those that aren’t is closing. Big, familiar brands through to smaller, more nimble ones, who are also the early adopters of organic cotton, are repositioning and working harder to lead the way to the top for everyone“.

The organic cotton movement is particularly powerful as it combines environmental, social, and economic benefits. Unlike the conventional cotton – which has a devastating impact on the earth’s air, water, soil, and the health of people in cotton-growing areas – organic production replenishes/maintains soil fertility, which enables farmers to use non-toxic products.

Ethical Shoe brands naturally use this fabric for their collections, as it also benefits their customers. Indeed, organic cotton is chemical free (so better for sensitive skin and allergies), breathable and very comfortable to wear.

Here are 3 brands that make the most of this material:


Ethletic stands for an integral system of sustainable, ecofriendly, social and healthy products. Consequently, they exclusively work with the organic cotton coming from FLO certified smallholder plantations in India. The team regularly travels to India to personally meet the local smallholders, to ensure and control their working condition and the production process.

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Natural World

Natural World uses primarily cotton and rubber for their collection. The cotton is originally from Spain and features the “Made in Green” certificate, attesting the organic conformity of the fiber.

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The Veja Project has a complete ethical and sustainable vision of their production process. The models are mainly composed of natural and recycled materials and the French brand works under fair trade rules with a group of small producers in Brazil who grow organic cotton and food plants. The organic cotton is used to produce the lining and inner sole.

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Image source: Veja


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