Ethical Footwear for Greener Sport Practices

Wether for exercising or just for fun, sports enable us to let go, to escape our daily lives, to get connected to our bodies and environments. In order to perform and push further our bodies, we need to be comfortable and trust what we wear. Let’s discover 4 ethical sports brands : Newton, Lululemon,  Snipe & Verkor.

Run with Newton

fuhr-at-xterra-run1 credit nils nilsen

Newton not only produces technical and colorful running shoes, they also help you out in improving your performances by providing run techniques. Check their Youtube channel!


  • Price: from 100$ (about 91€)
  • Ethics: B corp status (rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability & transparency), charity (soles4souls, Trickle up, One world running)
Image source: Newton

Do Yoga & Pilates with Lululemon


If you are not part of the lucky ones who perform Yoga & Pilates in warm environments, your toes may get cold! Lululemon created perfect socks which enable your feet to remain cool/dry without slipping down thanks to a Y shaped heel.

  • Price: from 12€
  • Ethics: responsible supply chain, vendors code of ethics, assessment process, community partnerships, commitment towards the protection of the environment/human rights & working conditions.
Image source: Lululemon

Sail with Snipe


The sun is out, the sea is calm… put on Snipe shoes and jump on a boat! Produced traditionally in Spain, the brand uses durable materials to make the pleasure last!


  • Price: from 71.95€
  • Ethics: responsible production process, use of natural and recycled materials, traditional craft
Image source: Snipe

Skate with Verkor


Not only light, flexible and comfortable, Verkor shoes are durable and approved by skaters ! The clean design makes it easy to wear… even without a skate board!


  • Price: from 87€
  • Ethics: local production (made in France), responsible supply chain
Image source: Verkor

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