In Wonder Woman shoes: Ethical Footwear to kick the Villains’Butt!

Wonder Woman movie is finally out! Let’s reveal the (super) hero that we all have inside us with a selection of ethical shoes!

Abigail – L’indépendante


The French brand ABIGAIL creates positive, comfortable and original collections. “The Independant” peep toe is no exception with its powerful yellow star made of leather!

  • Price: 179€
  • Ethics: handmade in limited editions, traditional craftsmanship, shoes delivered in a box made of recycled cardboard
image source: Abigail

Another Sole – Olympia


Olympia by Another sole are the perfect shoes for your super hero activities! Made of leather with metallic finish and a lightning motif, the model can be worn for a long time thanks to breathable sports footbed materials.

  • Price: 69.99$ (around 62€)
  • Ethics: 100% natural products, 10% of their revenue goes to the “Buy1Feed1” programme,  supporting World Vision International in Vietnam.
image source: Another Sole

PO-ZU – ResistanceResistance_Off_White_Side_web.jpg

If you picture yourself more in the shoes of a rebel, PO-ZU Star Wars collection will fit your activist expectations! The “Resistance” High-top vegan lace-up Sneakers are made of organic cotton and feature the official Rebel Alliance badge. The high-performance grip of the natural rubber sole will give you an edge in space battles!

  • Price126.12€
  • Ethics: materials come from naturally renewable sources and are responsibly harvested, no pesticides, bleaches or toxic dyes, locally sourced wherever possible,  use of organic cotton, vegan, founder of the Better Shoes Foundation, transparency, 10% of the net profit is given to charity.
image source: PO-ZU

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