Heat Wave: the 10 (natural) Commandments for your feet!

Summer is definitively here and your feet are suffering from the heat! Blisters, swelling, excessive sweating… Here are our 10 commandments to keep your feet cool and beautiful!

1- Rub your feet and toes with baby powder (talc) before wearing your shoes

Your feet will remain dry, perfect to avoid blisters and bad smells!

2- Do not wear the same shoes every day

Rotate your shoes so they can dry and keep their shape.

3- Prefer breathable & adjustable shoes

Sandals, open toes, flip flops, perforated, made of organic cotton… choice is yours! The goal is to let your feet breathe! Remember your ankles/feet may swell with the heat (especially at the end of the day), prefer adjustable straps or lace-up shoes to loosen gradually your shoes during the day.

4- Wear organic cotton socks with closed shoes

If you cannot live without your sneakers, remember to wear organic cotton socks to keep your feet as dry as possible. You will avoid bacterias and fungi!

5- Rub your feet with half of a lemon

It will tan your skin and will avoid the formation of blisters.

6-Take good care of your blisters

If a blister appears, clean it with white vinegar, let it dry and put a band-aid on it. You can also put on it a green clay plaster, leave it acts and do it twice a day. The clay will soak the fluid and regenerate the skin.

7- Move!

Avoid to remain in the same position for a long time. More you move, less your fluids will stagnate. It will limit the swelling.

8- Eat more potassium-based food

To avoid feet swelling, reduce salt and sugar in your food. Limit also bread, pizza, pasta or pastries. Prefer fruits and raw vegetables, as well as parsley, avocadoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, mushrooms, tuna, chicken, porc and bananas.

9- Kill the (bad) smells

If your shoes stink, put 4 tea spoons of baking soda in each shoe when you are not wearing it to soak the smells and fight against bacterias.

10- Once a week, follow our natural feet beauty routine!

For more details, click here

Now, you are ready… enjoy summer!


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