How to Clean your Ethical Shoes : 5 Natural Recipes to Bring Back the Shine

Now that you’ve purchased your ethical shoes, you need to take good care of them! One small step for us, one giant leap for sustainability! Here are our natural recipes for shiny and long-lasting shoes.


1- Don’t wear the same shoes every day

Rotate your shoes so they can dry and keep their shape, brush them with a Horsehair Brush and fill the inside with paper or with shoetrees before storing them in a box, away from the light and dust.

Shoe trees

2- Dishwashing liquid, your companion in arms 

Most materials (leather, suede, textile, rubber…) can easily be cleaned up with simple tools: a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid!


3- Make your own water repellant

Simply rub your textile shoes with beeswax and dry it with a hairdryer.


4- Make your own polish

Melt 100g of beeswax with 60ml of linseed oil in a double boiler. Dilute 25g of Marseille Soap with 60ml of water, add it to the first mixture, let it cool off and store it in a box, away from the light and protected from air.

Make sure to follow the right polish routine for a better result:

1- put a shoetree (or paper) inside your shoe

2- brush your shoe

3- gently apply your homemade polish with a soft cloth (or a tired sock)

4- leave on for 15 minutes

5- brush your shoe with a soft brush or a dry cloth


5- Use toothpaste for your white sneakers

Brush toothpaste on your rubber soles with a wet cloth to bring back the white!

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