How to Clean your Ethical Shoes : 5 Natural Recipes to Bring Back the Shine

Now that you’ve purchased your ethical shoes, you need to take good care of them! One small step for us, one giant leap for sustainability! Here are our natural recipes for shiny and long-lasting shoes.


1- Don’t wear the same shoes every day

Rotate your shoes so they can dry and keep their shape, brush them with a Horsehair Brush and fill the inside with paper or with shoetrees before storing them in a box, away from the light and dust.

Shoe trees

2- Dishwashing liquid, your companion in arms 

Most materials (leather, suede, textile, rubber…) can easily be cleaned up with simple tools: a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid!


3- Make your own water repellant

Simply rub your textile shoes with beeswax and dry it with a hairdryer.


4- Make your own polish

Melt 100g of beeswax with 60ml of linseed oil in a double boiler. Dilute 25g of Marseille Soap with 60ml of water, add it to the first mixture, let it cool off and store it in a box, away from the light and protected from air.

Make sure to follow the right polish routine for a better result:

1- put a shoetree (or paper) inside your shoe

2- brush your shoe

3- gently apply your homemade polish with a soft cloth (or a tired sock)

4- leave on for 15 minutes

5- brush your shoe with a soft brush or a dry cloth


5- Use toothpaste for your white sneakers

Brush toothpaste on your rubber soles with a wet cloth to bring back the white!

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The Best Ethical Shoes for Summer Travel

After weeks of endless waiting, your holidays are finally coming. Here is the best ethical shoes to support your feet in your next summer adventures!



Light and breathable, Lucie by Another Sole is the perfect model to slide in your bag! Available in varied colours and made of Argentinean nappa bovine leather for more softness, the shoes are designed to provide good support – even if you wear them during long hours.

  • Price: $69.90 (around 61€)
  • Ethics:  100% natural products, 10% of their revenue goes to the “Buy1Feed1” programme,  supporting World Vision International in Vietnam.
Image source: Another Sole


INSECTA SHOES – Orquidea Strap Sandal

orquidea-strap-sandal - insecta shoes

If you prefer open toes, here are Orquidea Sandals by Insecta Shoes. Stylish and vegan, the sandals are adjustable with a nice strap. Perfect for walking all day!

  • Price: $134 (around 117€)
  • Ethics: Vegan, handcrafted, produced in limited quantities, use of recycled materials such as plastic bottles, rubber sole, scraps of their own production.
Image source: Insecta Shoes


SSEKO – Caramel & Gold Rue Ankle Strap Sandal


More into little city strolls? The Sseko Ankle Strap Sandals will be your perfect match! The clean design and the elegance of the golden leather make them perfect for any occasion and outfit.

  • Price; $64.99 (around 56€)
  • Ethics: Hand-crafted, produced in Uganda, made with material sourced locally from the East African region, social programme (the company enables young women to attend university).
Image source: Sseko



Ultra III Vivobarefoot X Bloom

If you are more the trooper type and want to explore aquatic environments, you will probably love the Ultra III by Vivabarefoot & Bloom, made of algae from freshwater sources at high risk of algal bloom. Soon available(July 2017).


  • Price; from £60 (around 68€)
  • Ethics: vegan, made of Algae to help re-circulate 57 gallons of filtered water back into natural habitats, and prevent the equivalent of 40 balloons full of CO2 being released into the Earth’s atmosphere.
Image source: Vivobarefoot


Looking for Ethical Flip Flops? Click here to see our selection


Is KickStarter worth it for Ethical Shoe Brands?

Since April 2009, almost 13 million people got together to fund 127 685 different projects on Kickstarter, raising over 3.1 billion dollars to encourage the creation of new albums, movies, books or fashion collections. Impressive, right?

For the past few months, we have seen more Ethical Shoe Brand Creators on the platform, launching their crowdfunding campaign to spread their message and grow. But how does it work? Let’s review 3 successful campaigns!

1- Juta Shoes 

Juta ShoesJuta Shoes produces espadrilles from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials (upcycled reclaimed leather from local London factories, jute soles from a family-run factory in southern Spain). The shoes are handmade in London, where the company creates work opportunities for marginalised women.  

Watch the video

  • Purpose of the crowdfunding: to boost their presence among distribution canals in UK (ethical fashion boutiques, online retailers, pop-up stores) and to reduce waste across their supply chain. The company detailed where the kickstarter money will go: 50%: Wages, training and support; 20%: Reinvesting in the social enterprise; 10%: Equipment and supplies; 10%: Website hosting and marketing services; 10%: Kickstarter and processing fees.
  • Time: 25 oct 2016 – 29 nov 2016 (35 days)
  • Target: 2000£
  • Money raised: 4201£
  • # of contributors: 85
  • Rewards: warm thanks, postcards, keychains, wallets, slippers, shoes, bespoke shoes and 1/2 day workshop to learn how to make your own shoes – from 1£ to 100£.

2- Olli

Olli flip flops

Olli creates flip flops with natural rubber in Sri Lanka. As part of the Fair Rubber Association, Olli “purchases rubber from audited plantations that maintain Fair Trade standards that include safe working conditions, medical care, and a fair wage”.

Watch the video

  • Purpose of the crowdfunding: to raise money for starting the first round of production.
  • Time:  –  (30 days)
  • Target: 10 000$
  • Money raised: 13 392$
  • # of contributors: 339
  • Rewards: warm thanks, 1/2/3/4/5 pair(s) of flip flops, – from 5$ to 70$ and more

3- Saola Shoes

Saola Shoes

Saola’s mission is to create eco-friendly shoes made of recycled materials such as plastic bottles, polyester, foam or canvas and organic/sustainable products like cotton or cork. The company plans on donating 5% of sales of each pair to an environmental conservation project when available at retail in Spring 2018.

Wach the video

  • Purpose of the crowdfunding: to fund their first round of production.
  • Time:  –  (36 days)
  • Target: 25 000€
  • Money raised: 33 790€
  • # of contributors: 363
  • Rewards: good vibes, 1-4 pairs of socks, 1/2/4 pairs of ladies or gentlemen shoes – from 15€ to 260€ and more.

Crowdfunding tips for Shoe Brand Creators

By launching crowdfunding campaigns like these, shoe brands raise funds (sometimes more than expected), reach out their market, communicate about their products and federate their potential customers around common values. However, crowdfunding is also a risk: the campaign can fail, it is time/energy/money consuming and the company can be victim of its own success by having too many rewards to deal with!

In order to lower the risks, here is a list of handy tips to prepare a good kickstarter campaign:


  • Foresee between 6 months and 1 year of set up to get ready for the campaign
  • Estimate the cost of the rewards (and the production costs if the campaign aims to fund it)
  • Create a community around your project
  • Prepare a press kit and a PR strategy
  • Establish your brand content


  • Create remarkable content people can read, watch, share! Be precise and exhaustive.
  • Seduce targeted medias and potential customers with the right storytelling
  • Use a short video (2 min maximum)
  • Be available, stay positive and respond to all interactions.


  • Take good care of your contributors
  • Deal with your production (be on time)
  • Organise the deliveries !

5 Ethical Shoes to wear to a Garden Party

With Summer comes the season of Garden Parties! Nature, fun, drinks… the right combinaison for having a nice time! However, garden means grass or small stones… which makes it tricky to plan the right shoes to wear in this kind of environment. Forget your high heels! They will sink into the ground and you won’t be comfortable… Here is our selection of 5 ethical shoes to remain stylish and green at the occasion of a Garden Party!



Made of golden leather and knitted fabric, the “Dazzling Cyclade” is at the same time original and elegant. Ideal to walk and stand on the grass all day long thanks to the open-toe and the 1cm-heels.

  • Price: 145,00 € 123,25 € 
  • Ethics: limited edition (100 pairs only), serial numbered, handmade in Portugal
Image source: Eponyme



Available in several colours, the Cypress shoes can easily be worn with dresses and skirts thanks to its clean design. The model is comfortable and breathable with the 5mm insole and the use of cotton.

  • Price: 65,00 € 32,50 
  • Ethics: 100% Cotton Lining & Instep, 100% Rubber Sole, for each FAGUO item, we plant a tree in France.
Image source: Faguo



Comfy as slippers, the Po-Zu minimal open-toe mule is made on a wooden wedge heel. Thanks to a flexible forepart and metal look, the Wren Off are easy to wear and so stylish!

  • Price: 142.34€ 108.18€ 
  • Ethics: Pinatex, Eco Microfibre, FSC Certified European Beech Wood, Solvent-Free, Water-Based Glue, Cork and Natural Latex.
Image source: Po-Zu



Rothys 3D knitted pointed flats are perfect for any occasion! Confortable, easily matchable with every outfits and modern, you will even forget you have shoes on!

  • Price: 145$ (around 127€)
  • Ethics: made with recycled fibers, powered by recycled bottles, hand-assembled, durable.
Image source: Rothys



If you prefer the heigh, the Clarissa shoes will be your perfect match! Thanks to an asymmetrical strap and a wedge heel, the model is modern, original… and comfortable!
  • Price: 64.95€
  • Ethics: vegan, with every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One®.
Image source: Tom's

Heat Wave: the 10 (natural) Commandments for your feet!

Summer is definitively here and your feet are suffering from the heat! Blisters, swelling, excessive sweating… Here are our 10 commandments to keep your feet cool and beautiful!

1- Rub your feet and toes with baby powder (talc) before wearing your shoes

Your feet will remain dry, perfect to avoid blisters and bad smells!

2- Do not wear the same shoes every day

Rotate your shoes so they can dry and keep their shape.

3- Prefer breathable & adjustable shoes

Sandals, open toes, flip flops, perforated, made of organic cotton… choice is yours! The goal is to let your feet breathe! Remember your ankles/feet may swell with the heat (especially at the end of the day), prefer adjustable straps or lace-up shoes to loosen gradually your shoes during the day.

4- Wear organic cotton socks with closed shoes

If you cannot live without your sneakers, remember to wear organic cotton socks to keep your feet as dry as possible. You will avoid bacterias and fungi!

5- Rub your feet with half of a lemon

It will tan your skin and will avoid the formation of blisters.

6-Take good care of your blisters

If a blister appears, clean it with white vinegar, let it dry and put a band-aid on it. You can also put on it a green clay plaster, leave it acts and do it twice a day. The clay will soak the fluid and regenerate the skin.

7- Move!

Avoid to remain in the same position for a long time. More you move, less your fluids will stagnate. It will limit the swelling.

8- Eat more potassium-based food

To avoid feet swelling, reduce salt and sugar in your food. Limit also bread, pizza, pasta or pastries. Prefer fruits and raw vegetables, as well as parsley, avocadoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, mushrooms, tuna, chicken, porc and bananas.

9- Kill the (bad) smells

If your shoes stink, put 4 tea spoons of baking soda in each shoe when you are not wearing it to soak the smells and fight against bacterias.

10- Once a week, follow our natural feet beauty routine!

For more details, click here

Now, you are ready… enjoy summer!